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Everything You Need to Know About Fuses

Ever wonder where the term “short fuse” comes from? Well, you aren’t the only one. But, in the automotive dictionary, it could mean several different things. It could refer to an AGA, GMA, or ATM-style fuse. Kind of confusing, sure,... (more...)

Did You Know That Oil Is Your Vehicle’s Lifeblood?

Perhaps in the past, you’ve heard auto mechanics comparing engine oil to blood? Just as your heart helps pump oxygen-rich red blood cells through your circulatory system, your vehicle’s hot engine allows lubricating oil to pass through the... (more...)

Vehicle Maintenance Guide: Important Reminders

Proper vehicle maintenance is essential to the safety of you and your passengers, other drivers, and even your pets. Maintenance by a certified mechanic is essential to have a reliable and long-lasting vehicle. By having your car regularly maintained,... (more...)