Car Service and Repair

At Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center, we know there are many repair and service needs for automobiles — and lots of ways to help your vehicles serve you better.

That’s why we are more than just a repair shop: Our team services engines, which can help with fuel efficiency. We offer electronic services that encompass engine diagnostics that can be coupled with repair services. We help you get more years of reliable service from your car.

Convenient, Comprehensive Car Service and Repair Services

Our auto repair service department is only one small part of our business. Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center is a full-service mechanic shop that finds and fixes minor or major problems, performs routine oil changes, and can completely rebuild an engine.

No job is too big or small for us to tackle. We work until the customer is satisfied, and we make it convenient. We know it can be a hassle not to have your car, so we come in early and stay late. Plus, we have a drop box for keys, so you can leave your vehicle when it is convenient for you, and our staff will take care of it when they arrive.

Quality from the Ground Up

We start with tire inspections. It is important to routinely check your tires to prevent accidents and keep your engine fuel efficient. Improperly inflated tires cause your motor to work harder than it has to, which burns more fuel. Tires need to be rotated to prevent wearing out the tread in one area.

When it is time for a new set, our tire department can help you pick out tires that will look good on your vehicle, perform as you need, and priced within your budget. We stock a wide variety of brand names, and we can order something specific for you too.

Brake Services

While we are checking your tires, our mechanics can inspect your brakes. Every part of the automobile is essential, but failing brakes need to be addressed soon. When we examine the braking system, we check the brake pads, drums, and rotors. If any of these parts are worn, we can replace them with stock parts.

We will also check the brake line and make sure it is holding the brake fluid at an adequate level. Most vehicles today have anti-locking systems. Our technician can hook your car up to our computer system to see if there are any issues with that technology.

Your Car’s HVAC Systems

Your ride inside the cabin should be comfortable, and the heating and air conditioning system is responsible for most of that. This system needs to be routinely inspected and maintained. Some of the areas our mechanics will check are the belts and hoses. The Freon level will be measured, and if it is low, we will find out why and repair or replace the leaking parts. We will check the thermometer to make sure it is reading the climate accurately and making the necessary adjustments.

Electrical System Repairs

Your car’s heating and air conditioning unit is connected to the electrical system, and in today’s cars, these are the brains of the automobile. Our technicians are trained to read the systems. In addition to controlling the environment, the electronics are responsible for the lights, both inside the cabin and the exterior bulbs, the starter, the power seats, and the dashboard.

Transmission Repairs and Maintenance

If the drivetrain breaks, it can be costly to repair. The best way to keep ahead of that expensive bill is to have your vehicle routinely checked for this type of problem.

The transmission is a significant component, and our technicians will use our computers to inspect it for any unusual readings. We can inspect manual and automatic transmissions along with the drive shaft, belts, and clutches.

Belts wear out from normal driving, and they do need to be replaced from time to time. Replacing worn-out belts is one way to keep the motor in peak running condition and avoid costly transmission repairs.

Oil Changes

At Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center, we do basic oil changes. During an oil change, we will check your windshield wiper fluid levels, top it off, and inspect your wiper blades for wear. We carry a full line of replacement blades in a variety of styles. When you get your oil changed at Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center, you get fast and friendly service, so you can get back on the road and to your day.

For all your car service and repair needs, come to Jim Boudreau’s in Tewksbury!