Replacing My Old Car’s Engine vs. Buying A New Car

When your car’s engine finally gives up the ghost, it can either feel like the end of a beloved era or a massive relief. An unsteady engine can be a source of major anxiety and financial stress, but an old car can be a familiar, comforting presence. Now that your engine is finally out of the picture, you have two major options: replacing the engine and keeping the car or replacing the entire car and getting a brand new ride.


Replacing the Engine 

If you can’t bear the thought of replacing your trusty car, a new engine is a cost-effective and practical way to keep the car you know and love while still ensuring that you’ll have a dependable source of transportation that you need to keep going about your busy daily routine.



  • Usually a lot more affordable than buying a new car!


  • Allows you to keep the same car that you know and love, without having to take a chance on a new vehicle


  • If you’re saving up to buy a new car, this can give you that little bit of extra time



  • The engine may outlive the car itself, which means more trips to the mechanics


  • If you install it yourself, you may experience some uncertainty over the installation


  • Overall, it can just be a lot easier to buy a new car than deal with the hassle of replacing the engine


Replacing the Car


If you’ve had the same car for ages and are ready for a change, or if you don’t have the time or energy to replace the car engine yourself, then it might be time to think about investing in a new car, whether it be really “new” or gently used.



  • Your new car is guaranteed to be safer and last longer than the old car would have done


  • New cars are usually safer than old cars, greater peace of mind when driving


  • This can be a chance to get that fun new car you’ve been wanting for a while now



  • It’s going to be more expensive, basically no matter what


  • New car payments—in addition to the basic cost of buying a new car, refinancing can be inconvenient and time-consuming


  • New cars will depreciate in value immediately, while your old car probably already took that hit a long time ago


No matter what you decide, as long as you have a car that works well with your needs and lifestyle, you’ll be in good shape to keep hitting the open road until you reach your destination! The choice between replacing your engine and replacing the entire car is really a question of what your personal tastes, preferences, and finances are at this point in your life.




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